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In case of life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately, or go to the nearest emergency room.

Customer Service

(209) 454-1468 or toll free (844) 896-1039

Claims Services

(209) 454-1468 or toll free (844) 896-1039

Care Management

(209) 748-4295

Electronic Claims Submission

Office Ally; Payer ID: AGL01

Paper Claims to

Sequoia Health Attention: Claims PO Box 70029, Anaheim, CA 92825

PDR Submissions

PDR Submissions: Sequoia Health, Attn: PDR, PO Box 70030, Anaheim, CA 92825

For our patients with a hearing disability, please utilize the California Relay Voice Line (TDD/TTY) by calling 7-1-1.

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Note: Please do not use this email for any medical or time sensitive issues or include ANY personal identity information such as social security number, medical record number, or date of birth in the email.

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